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Stoke In Home Care

 It goes without saying that a stroke is an extremely harmful and challenging medical condition. It’s very difficult to cope with the long term effects of a stroke while still being in the process of recovery. The effects of a stroke can leave someone with quite a few challenges to deal with on a daily basis. A stroke can cause serious emotional, cognitive, and physical challenges that hinder one’s ability to live an independent life. Without correct care the recovery process can be long, exhausting, and can affect one’s overall state of health.

When tasked with the difficult job of dealing with the long term effects of a stroke a family can be uncertain and confused. Without knowing how long the effects will last or if their loved one’s abilities will improve with time, it is difficult for the family to focus on their own well being. With a proactive and thoughtfully planned approach to deal with the stroke aftermath, post-stroke conditions can be managed. Family caregivers and friends usually want to help, but they may not have the time, physical ability or knowledge to do all that needs to be done. The caregivers working at Senior Buddies have the patience and ability to provide nonmedical companion in-home care for optimal assistance when it comes to you or your loved one dealing with the effects of a stroke.

Improve your chances of a successful Post-Stroke Recovery With the Help and Care Services of Senior Buddies

Each year an astronomical number of Americans experience a stroke. However, many stroke survivors make a full recovery with no or minor long-term effects. By taking the correct measures, survivors and their families can increase their chances of regaining independence. Maintaining correct care is important to recovery, and despite best efforts and honest intentions, loved ones can not always find enough time and resources to help with nonmedical post-stroke recovery tasks. This is when our experienced and motivated caregivers are able step in and provide optimal assistance. Our involvement means providing you or your loved one with:

  • Care coordination and transportation
  • Supervision during home rehabilitation
  • Assistance with the activities of daily living
  • Light housekeeping and meal preparation
  • Companionship
  • Support for family caregivers

Rest assured that we will treat the independence and dignity of you or your loved ones dealing with the effects of a stroke with the utmost care and attention. We are willing to go the extra mile, so the level of assistance we provide perfectly corresponds to your current medical condition. It takes time and a great deal of for your brain to recover and adapt to a new situation. Receiving adequate support from family and professional caregivers is a large benefactor when it comes to successful post-stroke recovery. Increase your chances by getting in touch with Senior Buddies In-home care team.

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