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The recent global spread of Covid-19 (Novel Coronavirus) has heightened public concern. We are closely monitoring the situation and following the guidelines and directives issued by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Texas Health and Human Services (THHS). The safety and health of our clients and staff is our top priority, and ours is a population that has been identified as highly vulnerable to this contagion. This is a rapidly evolving situation, and we will be posting updates to our resource page on our website. It is our goal to minimize the risk of this contagion among our clients, staff, family members, and others. We will post additional information as it becomes available. Please visit our resources tab for more information.

Serving the community of Marble Falls, TX, we offer the best in-home care services and continue to set the standard in providing quality services to people. With our right approach, the outcomes always come best; our clients benefit from that success. Our clients receive the best experience in everything we do. That’s why we believe that working collaboratively with our clients and staff can create specific plans to meet the needs of clients. Along with our licensed and skilled nurses, physical and occupational therapists, medical social workers, speech-language pathologists, and trained caregivers, we can deliver compassionate, warm, and individualized care in the comfort and safety of their homes.
Whether recovering from recent health problems, surgery or managing an injury or disease, our services are created to be highly personalized for our clients. At Senior Buddies, we make sure you will get the best in-home care service that you deserve.

Hourly In Home Care

When you take care of your senior loved one, it can sometimes be very challenging to find time to take care of yourself and your needs- whether that is running errands, doctor’s appointments, or even pampering yourself! That is why our hourly in-home care services are not only used to improve the lives of your elderly loved ones but your lives too as their family members. Hourly in-home care can offer family caregivers some time off and attend to their personal needs and obligations.

24/7 In Home Care

If you worry about leaving your loved one alone at home because of the dangers of falls or other unexpected accidents, 24-hour in-home care is a perfect choice. This in-home care option provides seniors the chance to age in their place, having familiar surroundings, and surrounded by their loved and cherished people and memories. Around-the-clock in-home care is an excellent choice to assisted living agencies or retirement facilities.

Hospital to Home Care

Among seniors who got hospitalized, readmission is rare in the first 30 days after getting discharged. Healthcare management among aging adults is tough. Senior Buddies can help decrease the risks of readmission by offering care management. We strive to avert readmissions in 1 out of 3 patients after getting discharged in the first 30 days. Senior Buddies provides additional care support- offering a seamless transition from hospital to home care. Our trained and skilled caregivers can help you and your aging loved ones optimize support with the hospital’s aftercare instructions.

Respite In Home Care

Being a family caregiver is a fulfilling job yet a very demanding one. To look after the ones you love, one must not overlook one’s well-being and health. Family caregivers must plan their overall well-being and health with a nutritious meal and diet, daily exercise, and enough sleep. 

Senior Buddies In-Home Respite Care enables the family caregiver to take some time off whether for a few hours or days. Respite care provides peace of mind to the family caregivers and a relief that their loved one is given quality care.

Dementia Care

Assisting seniors with Dementia, whether it is caused by Alzheimer’s disease or other causes, needs a specialized skill set in addition to compassion and patience. Senior Buddies confidently trains our caregivers to provide the best assistance to seniors who suffer from Dementia. Senior loved ones will receive one-to-one cognitive stimulation and support with care and daily activities.

Parkinson’s Care

When Parkinson’s Disease limits a person’s ability to control their movements, Senior Buddies can help them with their daily activities- making their lives easy in the comfort of their homes. Stiff muscles, poor balance, and tremors make common daily activities quite difficult for seniors with Parkinson’s. We at Senior Buddies, it is our objective to care and assist with the symptoms and let them enjoy life. Our passionate caregivers swiftly learn and familiarize themselves with the personal choices of our clients. Also, we maintain close communication with your family and those who can add to ensure their safety and comfort of you and aging loved ones affected by this disease.

Stroke Recovery Care

Recovering from a stroke is a long process. Often speech, cognition, and motor skills are declined. Our expert caregivers are available to assist you and your aging loved one during their recovery or transition. Senior Buddies may be the perfect solution for your present needs as we provide support with: medication management, care coordination, doctor’s appointments, home rehabilitation, assistance in daily tasks, meal preparation, light housekeeping, and companionship. After a life-changing event, like a stroke, a companion can be a solution to the depressing isolation one may feel and experience.

In-Home Care Services

Conversation and Companionship

According to some studies, seniors who stay involved in social and other recreational activities may have a better quality of life. They may also have a lower tendency to develop stress or depression and cognitive decline. Our in-home caregivers provide a safe and warm environment, conversation, and companionship- an excellent way to keep your loved ones involved and engaged.

Meal Preparation

Everyday tasks, like meal preparation, can be too much for some seniors. Our caregivers assist in the kitchen when needed. They prepare hot and healthy meals to meet the dietary needs of your loved ones. Your loved ones are always welcome to help their caregiver in preparing their meals. This time can be a good opportunity to interact socially and have a good conversation.

Light Housekeeping

Our caregivers are always available to offer light housekeeping. Our light housekeeping services include the following: Sweeping, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning bathrooms, cleaning kitchens, cleaning interior windows that are reachable without using a ladder, and organizing drawers and closets.

Errands and Shopping

Moving in and out can be tough for some seniors, especially if they cannot drive. Our caregivers will take care of this problem by running errands for you. This can be grocery shopping, buying some medications at a pharmacy, or stopping at the post office. Your loved ones are always coming along as a way to keep active or just stay home.

Medication Reminders

Even though our caregivers cannot give medications. They can help in ensuring that your loved ones take their medication as prescribed by the physician. Our caregivers help with opening the medication bottle, reading and understanding labels, and reminding your loved ones when it is time for the next dose.

Grooming Guidance

As people age, grooming often becomes physically challenging. We pay attention to this as our caregivers can assist your loved ones in looking and feeling better. Our caregivers help with their shampoo, shave, hair comb, and style, and other grooming assistance so your loved ones will feel good about themselves.

Compassionate, Dependable Elderly Care Services in Marble Falls, TX

In-home care services and programs can support people at any certain time within the aging process. We’ll collaborate with you to create an individualized care plan that fits your loved one’s needs. Our care professionals give your loved one all support to live well in the comfort of their homes. At Senior Buddies, it is our duty to fulfill our core values as we provide you the best in-home care possible. We began our services in Leon Springs and expanded it in Marble Falls, TX, we are privileged to serve the families in our community. We want to ease the physical and emotional demands of looking after your loved one. We make a difference!

The Senior Buddies Difference

According to some studies, seniors who stay involved in social and other recreational activities may have a better quality of life. They may also have a lower tendency to develop stress or depression and cognitive decline. Our in-home caregivers provide a safe and warm environment, conversation, and companionship- an excellent way to keep your loved ones involved and engaged.