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Senior Buddies Offers Peace of Mind with Dementia Home Care Services in Leon Springs, Fair Oaks, and the Boerne Area.

When a person lives with dementia, they deal with a disease that affects every part of their life. Dementia adds confusion to an individual’s daily activities, and this lack of familiarity causes dissonance that compounds throughout the day. As an individual struggles with maintaining their daily activities while dealing with dementia, they can develop anxiety, depression and often a sense of withdraw from the outside world, creating self-imposed isolation. However, senior buddies strives to assist these individuals through committed care. At Senior Buddies, we understand how important it is for our clients to receive treatment in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes. Our top priority is to ensure a safe and pleasant home environment for your loved ones dealing with Dementia. They deserve to age with dignity and in peace. At the same time, the family needs a peace of mind to continue with their lives and daily duties.

We’re fully committed to establishing and maintaining long-term relationships between our clients and caregivers. We know that seniors prefer to stick with the same team of caregivers after developing a bond, so we are happy to provide service with familiar and friendly caregiver preferred by seniors. As a reliable home healthcare agency we do our best in building and nourishing trustworthy relationships with your loved ones in areas all over Texas including Boerne, Fair Oaks, and Leon Springs.

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With the help and support of our devoted staff, caring for your aging family members and friends dealing with Dementia can be a life-changing and rewarding experience for both parties. When your loved one is diagnosed with dementia, it often becomes the family’s responsibility to take on the care of their loved one. It can become challenging to constantly keep up with personal care, medications, laundry, meals, transportation, and other responsibilities. Unfortunately, not all family members have the time or physical ability to keep up with these time consuming responsibilities. Senior Buddies is here to make sure that there is always someone there for you or your loved one.

At Senior Buddies we see taking care of a family member or loved one as a noble task. Although taking responsibility for the care management of your loved one dealing with symptoms of dementia has many difficulties, it is also very rewarding. However, keeping up with your own health and responsibilities is just as important. Senior Buddies is here to offer you peace of mind knowing that while you spend time focusing on your own livelihood, we will be by the side of your loved one providing care to help maintain independence and dignity.

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