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Caring for seniors in their homes…
where their heart is
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Caring for seniors in their homes…
where their heart is
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Senior Buddies is a family-owned and operated service that evolved from a personal need for the owner’s parents. Their parents’ physical needs were changing but they wanted to remain in their home. For this reason, “family” remains one of the most cherished core values.
Senior Buddies is an in-home care service for Seniors. We understand the importance of caring for loved ones and the time commitment involved with doing so. Senior Buddies helps lighten the load of daily tasks for you and your loved one(s).
Senior Buddies is committed to providing compassionate care for Seniors in the comfort of their own home. We do so with dedication and integrity, while maintaining the dignity of our clients, as well as recognizing that all are equally important.

Caregivers in Leon Springs, Fair Oaks, Boerne, & Surrounding Area

Joyful Companionship

We provide joyful companionship to those who need a little more comfort and assistance around the house.


We assist with bathing needs. No more worrying about falling or trouble dressing.

Hygiene Assistance

Hygiene assistance is important to living a healthy life. Let Senior Buddies provide your needed assistance.

Meal Preparation

Let us help with simple meal preparation. A healthy diet is beneficial and a key component to living well.

Light Housekeeping

Keep your loved one living at home and in a clean environment. Senior Buddies offers light housekeeping.

Errands and Shopping

Let us simplify your life by running errands and shopping for those items that take up time and energy.

Medication Reminders

Senior Buddies can help with medication reminders, making sure of proper dosage and timing.

Incontinence Assistance

Assisting your loved one so that he or she lives in a dignified manner.

The Senior Buddies Difference

In response to a family need, Senior Buddies, LLC. was founded. Caring for a family member is a labor of love. When an individual’s care exceeds that which a family can provide, care-givers may experience added stress related to the physical and emotional demands of care-giving. Senior Buddies, LLC. recognizes this and has a licensed social worker on staff to provide added support during what is often a difficult transition. In addition to overseeing care assessments, our social worker also conducts cognitive, social, and emotional assessments, and can connect clients with a variety of resources which may greatly enhance their quality of life. Senior Buddies, LLC. is proud to offer this additional service to clients at no additional expense.

Senior Buddies Executive Director
Kimberly A Deike LBSW
License # 59866

Hourly in Home Care

If needed, Senior Buddies offers a minimal block of time to provide support with daily activities and needs. Senior Buddies caregivers are available on an hourly basis to help maintain day-to-day routines. We provide service in Boerne, Fair Oaks, Leon Springs, and surrounding areas.

Eight out of ten seniors report that they prefer to age in the comfort of their homes. Nevertheless, mobility limitations and chronic illnesses make it difficult to live on your own without professional care and assistance. In-home care services allows your senior to maintain as much independence in their daily duties as possible.




Respite in Home Care

Seniors Buddies commends those caring for loved ones, we believe that your actions are of the most selfless and generous duties one can perform. Although providing care for a loved one can be round-the-clock and arduous, few things can be more rewarding. Whether you are caring for a parent with dementia or a disabled sibling, you are providing the assistance they need to continue living life in the safety of their own home. But what do you do when you need a break? Senior Buddies in-home respite care is here to help you.

Being a family caregiver is a rewarding, but demanding role. In order to take care of the ones you love, you need to take care of yourself. It is easy to lose handle of your own diet, exercise, sleep, and overall health when you are focused on the well being of another. Senior Buddies in-home respite care allows you to disengage for a few hours or days a week to focus on your own exercise, diet, or even just rest and relaxation.


24/7 In Home Care Plans

Senior Buddies strives to provide the best care for you and/or your loved one. We offer personalized service plan(s), including 24 hours, 7 days/week. A team of our professional caregivers will work around the clock to ensure our clients are well cared for in the comfort of their home. With Senior Buddies support, your loved one will have the ability to remain in their home and maintain a routine that is familiar. Senior Buddies offers peace of mind to families, knowing a compassionate individual is always caring for their loved one.

We understand that every client has different needs and expectations. It is our goal to provide a comprehensive and personalized experience for each of our clients and their families. Our free assessment, completed in the comfort of your own home, will help us to evaluate your family needs and work with our care team to deliver comprehensive care services.


Hospital to Home Care

Among elderly patients, readmission is not uncommon in the first 30 days after discharge. Healthcare management among seniors is a challenge. It is important to understand the factors associated with the risk of hospital readmission among Seniors. With 1 in every 3 Seniors being readmitted to the hospital within 30 days after discharge, Senior Buddies wants to prevent readmission through providing professional healthcare management.

Senior Buddies is here to offer a smooth transition from hospital to home. With the help of our trained caregivers we can help you or your loved prevent failure to comply with hospital’s after care instructions. We are here to make sure that, in a time where rest and relaxation are necessary, the Seniors in Boerne, Leon Springs, Fair oaks ranch and other areas are not at risk of overexertion.



When your loved one is experiencing symptoms of Parkinson’s

When Parkinson’s disease hinders an individual’s ability to control their movements, Senior Buddies can support activities of daily living, making life at home easier. Poor balance, stiff muscles, and tremors make ordinary daily tasks quite a challenge for aging seniors with Parkinson’s. Senior Buddies objective of care is to assist with the symptoms and enable the client to enjoy a high quality of life. Our experienced and motivated caregivers quickly learn and familiarize themselves with the personal preferences of our patients. In addition, we will maintain communication with your family and those who can contribute to ensuring the comfort and safety of you or your loved one affected by Parkinson’s.

When your loved one is experiencing the effects of a Stroke

Recovering from a stroke is challenging. However, depending on the severity of the stroke and the area of the brain that is damaged, many stroke survivors recover. Our professional caregivers are available to support you and your loved one during a time of recovery or transition. Senior Buddies offers compassionate in-home care in Boerne, Fair Oaks Ranch, Leon Springs and surrounding areas. Senior Buddies may be the ideal solution for your current needs. Senior Buddies would like to be there to offer support with: care coordination; transportation; home rehabilitation support; assistance with the activities of daily living; housekeeping and meal preparation; and or, simple companionship. Companionship can be the answer to the painful isolation one may feel after a life changing event.

When your loved one is experiencing symptoms of Dementia

Senior Buddies offers peace of mind with dementia home care services in Leon Springs, Fair Oaks, Boerne and surrounding areas.
Senior Buddies in-home care services provides peace of mind for you and your family in the comfort of your own home. We offer supportive services in managing the day-to-day needs that may, at times, seem difficult when a loved one has a dementia related illness. At Senior Buddies, we understand how important it is for those experiencing symptoms of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementias to be close to family and familiar settings. Senior Buddies experienced and skilled team of caregivers can mean the difference between uncertainty and peace of mind.

Senior Buddies